After the Quake

7:57 Min.

Video Doron Altaratz
Audio Peter Lasell
This video was originally part of the EYE WASH 2″ DVD

After the Quake is a dreamlike composition of layered video streams, visual elements and audio, blending into each other to create a mysterious flow of visuals. The audio and video correspond to each other in an almost traditional MTV “video clip” relationship, but this is not a video clip in its traditional form. Normally in video clips, the visual content accompanies the audio track, whereas here the visual and the audio substances interact with each other.

The visual elements are from the virtual and the real. They’re from the subconsciousness of a collective digital space. After the Quake is a labyrinth of colors, shapes, forms, and memories. I am looking into my dreams and picking up the building blocks of the composition. Like German expressionism, I am exploring the emotions that audio visuals provoke. A glow of flickering pixels and electronic sound bits are my tools of choice.