The Organ is a new physical application for performing video in real time. The user is playing a midi keyboard to control and explore the video image loops that are projected on the screen on top of the keyboard. With each keystroke, a corresponding visual element is displayed on top of the last one that was played as a new layer. Just as in sound each note is being added to the complete harmony, in the video organ each visual element is being added to the previous ones, creating a new composition in which the elements are blending into each other. The users are not constructing their visual experience in a traditional time line, rather, they do so in a more “musical,” harmonic way. The vibrating “ghost” of the previous visual elements is still there decaying slowly long after the key was stroke. It is also a more private, intimate exploration of live video manipulation. It is not the “rave” event, the tribal experience of a VJ pulling his magic on a celebrating audience. The user is both the VJ and the audience.

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plastic, wood, LCD projector, CPU, software, midi keyboard, video loops.

The Organ presented at the Chelsea Art Museum – 2004
The Lung (2004)
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The Organ