Doron Altaratz •

2023 The National Trinity The Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2018 The New Jerusalem, arebyte gallery, London, UK
2018 Visions of Heaven and Hell, The Villa Gallery, Jerusalem
2016 Memory Mountain, Artists House, Jerusalem

2024 The Cube Artists studio’s 40th-anniversary, Jerusalem
2021 PUNCH.GENERATE.FREAK The Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2019 Woven Time The Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2016 UNIVERSUM The International Photography Festival, Rosentalis Gallery, Jaffa
2014 Oasis Mosaic Night Light Festival, Tel Aviv
2014 RE-Imagining Jerusalem Beit Avi-Chai, Jerusalem
2012 Personal History  The Jerusalem Cinematheque, Jerusalem
2008 The People Are The Heroes Now Manofim Festival, Jerusalem
2007 Ticho House VIP event The Ticho House, Jerusalem
2007 Nisoy Kelim 4 Bikuray HaEtim center, Tel Aviv
2005 IMC Expo The Chelsea Art Museum, New York City
2005 The Smart Gallery Show Smarts Gallery, New York City
2005 T- Minus Time laps Synchronicity Space Gallery, New York City

2018 arebyte gallery international artist residency program, London UK

2018 Mifal-HaPais award for international residency
2003-2004 the Tim Nye fellowship, New York University

2018 The Jerusalem Post – an official view of death
2013 Harama Magazine 4 – panopticon
2005 Art or Something Like It CUNY TV
2005 The Eye Wash DVD Collection
2004 Video Out, The New York International Film Festival

2021 A stone’s throw away – group exhibition. Azrialy Gallery and The Photographic Communications Gallery (with Taly Kayam)
2019 Point Cloud – group exhibition. The Photographic Communications Gallery (with Galit Shavo)
2018 Niv Rozenberg HOMES. The Photographic Communications Gallery (with Sara Kopelman)
2017 Shabtai Pinchevsky Gas, Stun, Smoke. The Photographic Communications Gallery
2016 Chen Zarfati Dear. The Photographic Communications Gallery, Jerusalem
2015 Yoav Horesh Perslovak 2.0. The Photographic Communications Gallery, Jerusalem
2014 Guy Yitzhaki – Lexicon. The Photographic Communications Gallery, Jerusalem

1998 – current Photographic Communications, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem
2023 – visiting international lecturer at Anant University, Ahmedabad, INDIA
2014 – 2021 Master of Design program, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

2022 Ph.D. Communications Department, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2004 M.P.S Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
1997 B.F.A Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem


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visions of heaven and hell - 2017