The Be’er-Ora project is an ongoing body of work that examines the visual attributes of contemporary Israeli architecture of the “Benai Bithch” (Build Your Home) movement.

The photographic project was carried out at Be’er-Ora, a community settlement in the Arava region of southern Israel, between 2012 to 2016.
“Build Your Home” is an Israeli government policy based on the allocation of land for the construction of detached houses, according to the occupant’s private planning.
Be’er-Ora’s houses were designed by the occupants of the house to their liking, often with the help of subcontractors and architects. The resulting architecture yields over-creation and ornate very different structures from each other, which gives a sense of “cacophony” and eclecticism.
The social display of wealth of the local “Villas” yields a high contrast from the Arava desert’s surrounding environment.