A point tour of The Hansen house Center for Design, Media and Technology, Jerusalem.

Designed by German architect Conrad Schick, Hansen House was first established in 1887 as a leper asylum by the Protestant community of Jerusalem. In 1950 the site was purchased by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), and served as  a  leprosy treatment center through 2000. In 2009, the Israeli government decided to hand over the building to the municipality of Jerusalem city, for the purpose of converting it into an interdisciplinary cultural center.

Orthodox Church Of Saint Nicholas The Wonderworker, Crete.

The New Jerusalem project (2018). Point clouds tour of (1) The Chapel of Saint Helena, Jerusalem (2)  The SS Erinpura memorial in Mount Herzl , Jerusalem. (3) The London city island architectural model, London.

The Chapel of Saint Helena is a 12th-century Armenian church in the lower level of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, constructed during the Kingdom of Jerusalem. In the southeast of the chapel there is a chair which was reputed to be a seat that was sat in by Helena, the mother of the Emperor Constantine when she was looking for the True Cross.

The SS Erinpura monument in Mount Herzel is for the memory of the passenger liner built for the British-India Steam Navigation Company in 1911. The ship was hit by a German bombers on on 1 May 1943 and sank within four minutes. There is a memorial on Mount Herzl to the 140 Jewish soldiers who drowned aboard the SS Erinpura. The monument is shaped like a ship containing a central pool, on the bottom of which are the names of the fallen.

The London City Island is a new residential neighbourhood in East London.